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Training program “Enhancing business capacity for ethnic minority women” & Competition “Seeds to promote business”

Vu Thao Nhat Quynh and Hoang Yen Anh – representatives of Sapa’s Secret Cooperative

Within the framework of the project “Promoting Lao Cai female enterprises to expand their business”, the Women’s Union of Lao Cai province cooperates with local advisors and advisors to organize activities to build business capacity for all cooperatives/THTs/associated groups, business households participating in phase 2 of the project.

Within 3 days, from 25 to 27 July 2021, the training program focused on the main contents, including:

  • Training on the cooperative establishment process, OCOP program, industrial promotion policy of Lao Cai province; product packaging design, product story.
  • Start-up Coffee Program.
  • Organize the contest “Seeds to promote business”.
Aunt Ly May Chan – representative of Red Dream Cooperative

During the first two days of training, we learned together and learned more useful knowledge about the cooperative establishment process, the policies to encourage the establishment of cooperatives and the OCOP program of Lao Cai province, promotion policy. In addition, the training program also brings relevant and practical contents and knowledge to local people such as: guidance on product design, packaging, traceability and marketing through the teaching of passionate advisors.

Not only learning more knowledge, but business representatives have the opportunity to understand and bond with each other. Through the talk “Startup coffee” at Tra Viet shop, the experiences in the production and business process of the units were shared and discussed enthusiastically.

Top 2 enterprises received the award of the contest “Seeds to promote business”

At the end of the series of activities is the “Seeds to promote business” contest that the business representatives have been preparing for a long time. The competition brought a fair, fun but equally thrilling environment in the moment of waiting for the results of 17 project participants. It is hoped that the “Seed” sponsorship package that each business receives will bring great encouragement in the process of accelerating their businesses.