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According to GreenHub’s waste audit data from September 2018, single use- plastic products accounts for the majority waste of hotels and restaurants in Cat Ba town. This single use- plastic waste mainly comes from personal care products which is provided by hotels. Specifically, in the peak season, on average, each hotel consumes more than 100 PLASTIC STRAWS and 85 plastic personal care sets (including shampoo bottles, shower gel, combs, cotton swabs and bags) per day.

Based on these ominous numbers, GreenHub has been working with travel enterprises to share innovations, and propose initiatives to restrict single- use plastic products through the work sessions, conferences and exhibitions.

Workshop to share ideas, and propose solutions to restrict disposable plastic products in Cat Ba

In a short period time, there were local enterprises that showed a willingness to change create a trash-free Cat Ba. Seapearl hotel stands out as a typical example among them. By eliminating plastic straws, replacing them with bamboo straws, this hotel has initially reduced the amount of plastic waste.

Disposable bamboo straws at Seapearl Hotel

Besides, Seapearl intends to completely restrict all personal care products from plastic, build NON-PLASTIC ACCOMMODATION and encourage customers to say no to single- use plastic items through promotions.

Cooperating with the active travel enterprises is the local authority’s determination of Cat Hai district. Based on the development orientation of Cat Ba Tourism “SAY NO TO SINGLE- USE PLASTIC PRODUCTS”, promotes reducing plastic waste in this famous tourist archipelago.

Communication material about saying no to disposable plastic items in Cat Ba

In the other hand, we also hope to join hands with you – those who come to Cat Ba for its beauty to preserve and protect Cat Ba’s nature. “Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints”